Zlug® - slug and snail barrier

Slugs are becoming an ever-greater threat to gardeners with the recent appearance of species such as the Spanish Slug. Zembra has developed Zlug®, a new natural slug barrier to combat the damage caused by slugs in the garden and in crop fields. The effectiveness of the product, which is fully biodegradable, was shown in trials at the John Innes Centre near Norwich. It acts as a barrier to deter slugs and snails from eating plants, and is safe for pets, birds and children. Zlug® is available in 6L bags from Amazon and soon in other UK retailers.


  • Blended mixture of aromatic plants designed as a natural barrier for slugs and snails.
  • Contains 100% natural, safe and sustainable ingredients, with no other chemical additives.
  • Proven to be effective against the damage caused by slugs and snails through research and development carried out at the John Innes Centre.
  • Fully biodegradable, acts as a soil conditioning mulch.
  • Friendly to earthworms. Proven by testing at the John Innes Centre, where no adverse effects were seen.
  • Shelf life in unopened bags of no less than one year.
  • Applied as a top dressing around plants or tubs.


The photograph below shows how effective Zlug® can be when snails were presented with a choice of food, with one source protected by Zlug®.

Please contact Zembra for further information and samples.


Natural product extract from olive pomace

Zembra co-owner Celbius Ltd has developed a new extraction process based upon its Sonication Enhanced Extraction (SEE) technology in order to derive a semi-purified extract from the olive pomace. This extract is rich in natural products including terpene acids that have significant value as

  • Fully purified biologically active molecules for pharmaceutical, plant and entomological research
  • Semi-purified extract for use as an agriculture and aquaculture.


Contact Zembra for further information on collaboration under appropriate NDA. 

Olive heating briquettes

The need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and find alternatives to fossil fuels has resulted in a big increase in the use of biomass as a heat source. One such waste available in abundance is segregated olive stones / kernel– a natural product derived from the mechanical processing of olive pomace.

Compressed olive kernel provides approximately 50% of the energy output of diesel oil and has a greater energy density compared with compressed wood pellets.

The compressed kernel is an excellent alternative to wood briquettes for use in domestic fires and wood burners, where consumers use wood-based fuels for secondary heating and for aesthetic value.

For further information and samples of Zembra olive heating briquettes please contact us.


Zand - ground olive kernel hand cleaner

Plastic microbeads are widely used in face and body exfoliation products, but have faced criticism in the press recently because they are polluting water and endangering aquatic life, besides presenting problems at water treatment facilities. As a consequence, and very recently, the use plastic microbeads will soon be banned in the US in a number of States and some cosmetic companies are already phasing out of production.

Zembra is developing a sustainable biodegradable alternative (Zand), where mechanically fractionated olive stone / kernel fragments are milled to an appropriate size. This represents an obvious and timely replacement in the form of natural, biodegradable and non-polluting olive kernel microparticles.

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Z-Husk soil conditioner and biopesticide

Z-Husk is the new horticulture product derived from olive pomace or olive mill solid waste leftover from production of olive oil and consists of a mixture of olive skins and fruit flesh and is presented as a easy to handle dry fibrous solid. This natural material is a natural nutrient and mineral rich biobased pesticide. There is a diversity of naturally occurring chemical compounds present in Z-Husk. The natural products can act against various fungi, weeds, nematodes and agricultural pests which have negative effects on crops. Z-Husk olive pomace can be used for horticultural and agricultural practices as a weed suppressant and natural biopesticide.  

Please contact Zembra for further information and samples.

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