Zembra Inspired Biorefining

ZEMBRA applies creative thinking to convert various unwanted plant materials from all over Europe into 100% natural, gentle and safe products for the garden enthusiast. Olive oil production in the Mediterranean results in one such plant by-product. ZEMBRA has developed ultrasonic green technology to fractionate plant materials into new products that are independently tested at high class laboratories in the United Kingdom. Explore the website to view our range of products for providing effective treatments for various garden pests.

Zee No Weevil

To provide a barrier between vine weevils and the soil surface.

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Zoot-Off Carrot

To help protect carrots and parsnips from the damage caused by root fly maggots

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A granular formulation to protect garden plants and vegetables from Slugs

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Zoot-Off Cabbage

To help protects cabbages and other brassicas from the damage caused by root fly maggots

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